New CEO appointed at Nurish.Me

New CEO appointed at Nurish.Me

David Perez resigned as Chairman and CEO of the company on 1 September 2021. The board appointed Dean Tollis as Chairman in his place on the day and on the 14th of September appointed Caesar Kavadoy as the new CEO of Nurish.Me. Caesar has been in a transition period for the past three months receiving a handover from David Perez.

Ceasar is tasked with completing the sanitise piece of work he commenced in June and setting the stage for profitabe and sustained growth of the company, whilst working to ensure our efforts add value to our shareholders. 

In addition to Caesar's appointment Dean Tollis continues in his role as Chief Operating Officer and Kevin Huff  joins the senior management team as the Chief Revenue Officer. 

The new board and its senior management team are confident that they can significantly grow the Nurish.Me business over time and provide value to shareholders. 

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