NOTICE - Special Shareholder Meeting 29 July 2022



due to notice period not being met in accordance

with the Bylaws of Altavoz Entertainment Inc
(the meeting will be rescheduled providing sufficient notice to all voting shareholders)


In light of COVID-19 and travel restrictions and isolation rules, this Shareholder Meeting will be available both online and in person. We are finalising an agreement to have the meeting hosted professionally with shareholder registration and proxies being centrally managed.

Agenda: is still to be finalised 

The board has proposed the following agenda 

  • Present the financial position of Altavoz  Entertainment Inc 
  • Present the sales numbers for 2022
  • Present management audit findings to shareholders
  • Present and vote on the term sheet provided by David Perez
  • Present and vote on options for the company moving forward
  • Move on to business put forward by shareholders' special meeting request.

The shareholders state the purpose of the special meeting to be as follows: 

a) Elect a new board of directors as a result of the June 25th 2022 resignation of three of the directors and the CEO; Action: Elect David Perez as Director and Chairman

b) Appoint new officer in order for the Company to remain an ongoing concern; Action: Elect David Perez as CEO, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary 

Virtual/Online:     Details to be emailed to shareholders as soon as a date is set

Location :             401 E Main St, Chesterfield,

                              Indiana 46017, USA

 All shareholders and proxy votes will be required to be pre-registered prior to the commencement of the meeting 

Please email


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