Advisory Board Members

Sales, Marketing, & Creativity

Antonio Rodrigues

Chief Visionary Officer

Frank Clark

Chief Financial Architect 

Michael Danielson

President, Media Relations Agency

Josh Levine

Nurish.Me Amazon Expert
Partner, Color More Lines, LLC

Charles Greene

CEO, MGNC Health Center

Dan Clark 

Chief Motivation Officer

Finance Committee


Douglas Calaway, M.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffery Church, C.P.A., M.B.A.

CEO, Rowdy Energy

Co-founder of Suja Juice


Science, Research, & Development


Santiago Rodriguez, PhD

CEO, Lorand Laboratories, LLC

Yao Liu, PhD

CEO, Jiaxing Lipocure Biotechnology Ltd.

Pamela Goyal, MRPharmS

Nurish.Me Women's Health Ambassador
Clinical Pharmacist & Wellness Consultant


Health & Wellness

Ara Suppiah, M.D.

Nurish.Me Military Sports Ambassador

PGA Tour Doctor, ER Physician, and Chief Wellness
Officer and Medical Analyst on the Golf Channel

Bryce Wylde, BSc

Nurish.Me Alternative Health Ambassador

Alternative Health Expert
Medical Advisor Dr. OZ Show

Tracy Duhs, PhD

Modern Wellness Ambassador

John Hope Bryant

Nurish.Me Operation HOPE Ambassador
Founder, CEO of Operation HOPE

Mike Sherbakov

Chief Community Officer


John H. Halpern, M.D.

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Chief Wellness Officer