David Perez


    Co-Founder/ Former CEO, President, Chairman  and now Evangelist

    David Perez is the former CEO of Nurish.Me Inc, Altavoz Entertainment Inc and LLC he ran the business until stepping down in September 2021. David was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of both Inc and Altavoz Entertainment Inc during the period Dec 2018 through to Sept 2021.

    A self proclaimed humanitarian, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur with over 36 years of executive management experience working in, establishing, and financing start-ups that are focused in nanotechnology, nutrition, telecom, software technology, wireless, and finance. Mr. Perez claims to be an expert in business development, business consulting, start-ups, fixed cost management, global trade, contracts management, and building consumer brands. His extensive sales and marketing experience has helped establish brands like Suja Juice and Uptime Energy.

    He believes his true passion is saving lives, disaster relief, and logistics operations for NGOs. David was a co-founder and President of the Coalition of Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. David is the director of board of The Greatness Foundation, which is on a mission to create a better world. Focused on optimizing human potential, The Greatness Foundation provides the resources for individuals and organizations to positively impact the world's social and environmental challenges.