Caesar Kavadoy

CEO of Playbook For Results, Inc., 

Revenue Creation Strategist

Caesar Kavadoy is a speaker, writer, executive coach and CEO of Playbook For Results, Inc., who has instructed tens of thousands of people on his best-in-class frame-works that set the stage for ANYONE to get to the top of their game personally and professionally. Best known for his ability to remove the biggest challenges that prevent peak performance across all areas of life, Caesar’s “Getting A G.R.I.P.” programs — The REAL ABCs: The Art of the Sales Professional and C.L.I.M.B., a premier leadership development program — have been employed and highly sought after by top Fortune-500 leaders.  Over the past two decades, Caesar and his firm have helped dozens of mid-to large size companies turn-around their sales organizations during the toughest economic conditions; ultimately setting the stage for sustained double-digit CAGR for companies such as Paysafe, a Blackstone owned company, CenturyLink/Lumen, Comcast and consumer brands like Kawasaki, Acer and Subaru. As a lifelong short-sleeper, Caesar spends his extra time passionately serving alongside his wife and two daughters at their beloved church in Texas.