Dan Clark

Chief Motivation Officer

Master Motivator / Consummate Professional - (live performances, virtual events, pre-recorded training). New York Times Best Selling Author - (world class orator, inspirational storyteller, stand up comedian). International Subject Matter Expert- (on self-mastery, resiliency, influence, growth mindset, competitive selling, winning as a team, attraction & safety). Transformational Guide / Executive Coach - (turning businesses, sports teams, government agencies and military commands into cultures of ‘Significant Partner Leaders’ fuelled by passion, purpose, diversity and destiny).
Dan’s recent clients include: AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tyson Foods, American Express, Walgreens, Walmart, Disney, Coldwell Banker, Home Depot, Morgan Stanley, Delta, United Technologies, New York Life, etc.