Jason Sisneros

Chief Infrastructure Officer

Chairman of Anton JAE Global. A speaker, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and a renowned business expert and coach, Jason uses his influence, his energy, and his resources to give back and serve. He is in service with more than 15 charities that are working to make a difference through efforts to eradicate human slavery and trafficking, to end hunger, to rescue abused women and children, and much more. Owner of 24 businesses, has consulted for hundreds of other business owners, and has completed more than 70 turnarounds for small- to mid-cap businesses. Through the art of leadership and the science of strategy, he has become “The Architect,” building structurally sound, action and outcome-driven businesses for himself and his clients. Jason’s current and previous clients range from Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits to small businesses and one-on-one’s some of which include the likes of Microsoft, Nike, Comcast and Feed a Billion.