Kevin Huff

Chief Revenue Officer 

Kevin Huff has been a serial entrepreneur most of his life and has founded nearly a dozen successful companies.  His primary expertise resides in sales, marketing, CX, and tech. A 15-year stint in key leadership positions in Fortune 500 Corporate America compelled Kevin to co-found Sales Artists, Inc. with one idea in mind:  Improve the sales outcomes of every single individual and company he works with.  So, in 2009, Kevin co-founded Sales Artists, Inc, a Sales and Leadership Effectiveness company that delivered 11 straight years of profitability before merging with Playbook for Results, Inc in 2020. More importantly, Sales Artists delivered its customers an average annual CAGR in sales revenue of 24%, year after year after year, thanks to their accelerated approach to customer acquisition, client growth, real-work application, and tailored coaching.

Although Kevin has helped over 15,000 people in various sales and leadership roles, has taught Corporate Sales and Training courses for Harrison College, and has spoken internationally on the subjects of sales, business, and training … it’s his unwavering desire to help people that inspires him and helps create awesome client outcomes.

Kevin’s introduction to the supplement world comes as part of his personal story. Having suffered for months with severe foot pain — the kind of pain that makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed and do anything other than hop on his one good foot — he finally took some CoreCumin drops fully believing it was a waste of effort.  The next morning, Kevin was able to get out of bed nearly pain free in both feet and was an instant believer.  As you can imagine, sales success only comes from a true belief in what is being sold, and Kevin believes!  Since that day in mid-2021, Kevin has noticed multiple benefits from taking CoreCumin and making it part of his supplement regimen and is very eager to help Nurish.Me achieve on its desire to radically change the health and wellness world in ways that help people reach their potential unencumbered by health concerns.

God has blessed Kevin as a husband and as a father.  He and his wife, Skye, live in the Indiana countryside with their two children.