Michal Heger, Ph.D.

Chief Formulation Officer

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Michal Heger is a principal investigator in the Department of Experimental Surgery of the Academic Medical Center affiliated with the University of Amsterdam. His main areas of expertise lie in tumor biology, experimental and clinical oncology, redox biochemistry and biology, sterile immune responses, and nanotechnology. Much of his current research efforts are focused on phytochemicals with oncostatic properties such as curcumin, vitamin D3, and mushroom-derived bioactives. All compounds are encapsulated into nanoparticulate delivery systems (liposomes or micelles).

Michal has authored over 120 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Nature, Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine, Oncotarget, and Nano Research. Some of the nanotechnologies have been patented. He is a member of several scientific societies and further serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research, which disseminates peer-reviewed publications aimed at improving patient health and health care.