Our Company

Our Philosophy

Nurish.Me was founded by entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists on a mission to improve people’s health with effective dietary supplements. We go above and beyond to help our customers achieve extraordinary wellness. The culmination of our work is a product line of efficacious and safe proprietary formulations that are based on remarkable studies that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

We pride ourselves on never resorting to half-measures to make a quick buck. We go above and beyond to deliver what we promise and to help our customers achieve extraordinary wellness. Our products are backed by science, particularly in terms of efficacy and safety. Most of all, we value our customers and their health, which is why we invest so much in product integrity to ensure everyone benefits.


Our Mission

The overarching mission of Nurish.Me is to lead a necessary paradigm shift in the dietary supplement industry by only marketing products that have been clinically tested, are formulated with proprietary technology to achieve the highest levels of efficacy, and provide the best value.

Our company will improve the reputation of the industry and the health of our customers with a science-driven educational approach that is easy to understand, yet critical to raising awareness about the value of high-quality dietary supplements.


Our Vision

What you feel is what you get. Our vision is to deliver dietary supplements that not only work but also exceed or match the quality standards of pharmaceuticals.


Our Promise

We promise to be as passionate about our business as you are about your health.

We are committed to raising industry standards by discovering new ways to improve all aspects of our products. We win through teamwork, responsibility, transparency, and accountability, and we believe in sharing the benefits of our successes.


Why Us?

Nurish.Me prides itself on being an evidenced-based, science-driven, and consumer-focused company.

Our company was co-founded by three scientists with proven track records of primary involvement in biomedical research and development. They have spent the better part of their careers conducting studies that support our proprietary formulas. Additionally, our leadership team and board members have successful track records in foods, beverages, dietary supplements, communications, and other industries on a global scale. Our team’s core strengths in all facets of sales, marketing, e-commerce, media, promotion, manufacturing, product distribution, and legal and regulatory compliance will result in capturing significant market share.

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For all information regarding our company and investor relations, please visit our investor relations webpage here: https://www.nurish.me/pages/investor-relations


To learn more about the team leading our company, please visit our leadership webpage here: https://www.nurish.me/pages/executive-team