Tracy Duhs

Advisory Board Member

Health and Wellness

Tracy Duhs is the director and founder of The Sanctuary Wellness Experience. A luxury retreat that provides complete nurturing for the mind, body, and soul. Tracy is an entrepreneur who started her medical journey at the age of 16. Her apprenticeship with a surgeon in an indigenous village above Antigua, Guatemala was the catalyst that lit the fire within her to explore health and wellness. The time in Guatemala opened her eyes to the limitations in traditional western medicine. Tracy believes prevention is the best medicine. She is passionate about educating people and giving them the tools they need to be the most vibrant versions of themselves.

Tracy is an herbalist, alchemist, and specialist in integrative medicine. She goes beyond biochemistry and examines the bioelectrical current in the body to asses where her clients' health can be optimized. This gives her a clearer picture of the morphogenetic field and where health can be optimized best.