Yvonne Cagle

Nurish.Me Clinical Ambassador

Aerospace Professor, Col USAF, Ret. Senior Flight Surgeon. Fordham University as a visiting professor, and awarded an honorary Ph.D. by Fordham University for her substantial and significant contributions to the fields of science, technology and human health. Dr. Cagle is a consulting professor for Stanford University’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and to the Department of Electrical Engineering, where she has conducted and published research on various biotechnologies. Dr. Cagle serves on the Advisory Committee for the National Center for Human Performance at the Texas Medical Center. Dr. Cagle while with the U.S. Air Force, she was assigned to the Pentagon Flight Medicine/Special Mission Clinic. Dr. Cagle is a certified FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner and has been ACLS Instructor qualified. Dr. Cagle Boys and Girls Club; Aerospace Medical Association; Third Baptist Church; American Academy of Family Physicians.