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This Black Friday, treat your body with love by getting 2 of our most popular CoreCumin® PRO products: BiAloe® and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran. 


These formulas are the dynamic duo you’ll want to keep in your medicine cabinet year-round for pain management and inflammation. Our bundle allows you to get two for the price of one.

Bundle snapshot:

→ Plant-based formula

→ High bioavailability

→ Gluten-free

→ Dairy-free

→ Non-GMO

→ Reduces muscle aches, inflammation, joint discomfort

    More Info

    CoreCumin® Pro with BiAloe® is a phenomenal combination of our flagship curcumin product with the most bioavailable, highest-concentrated source of aloe vera poly acetyl mannans. It has been documented in many studies to support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, gastrointestinal functioning, and antioxidant activities.

    CoreCumin® Pro with Hydrolyzed Rice Bran uses the same powerful flagship curcumin product, with the added benefits of hydrolyzed rice bran. It has substantial documented effects on the immune system, stress levels, and skin health.

    All CoreCumin® products will be delivered in MIRON Violetglass, a unique biophotonic glass bottle with unique properties to protect ingredients from UV rays and light to increase shelf life.


    What people are saying

    This works!

    I had wrist tendonitis since 4 years, It really hurts. I used wrist casts, cold compressors, massages etc.. nothing worked! I knew that curcumin might tame inflammation, so I researched all brands, my goal is to find something clean that I can use to help me with my inflammation without creating another problem or adding toxins to my body. So I got the nurish, used it like 4-5 times, my pain disappeared! I swear! I couldn’t believe it either!! Now I use it twice a week as maintenance. Worth every penny. I am actually typing this message with no pain!

    Bissan D.

    Tremendous Product

    CogniNurish has improved my sleep as well as my focus and alertness during the day. It is easy to take and travel with, which is important to me as I travel frequently and want to be consistent in my nutritional supplements. This is a great product and I use this exclusively now over the prior products I used for better sleep and immune health.

    Julie L.

    Awesome anti-inflammatory Curcumin!

    My wife and I started taking this a few months ago and just reordered our third (with Bialoe). We definitely noticed the effects when taking twice a day. It has helped her muscle soreness working in the Veterinary field and greatly reduced her back pain - so much so that she said I have to reorder this! For myself, my run recoveries are way quicker, and overall digestion works better when I am taking this twice to three times a day.

    Andrew T.

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